Living in Color



Tired of wearing the same boring denim jeans day after day? Take a step on the wild side and try on a bright pair of coral or turquoise jeans.  You might be worried that the colors are so vibrant it might be hard to find a shirt to match, but you will be surprised of the variety of colors that go great with this look. 

For the turquoise pants match with a navy quarter length silk blouse with a slight print.  As for the coral denim you can’t go wrong throwing on a chambray tunic.  Since the outfit makes such a statement, keep it simple with a silver bangle and some thin strapped light pink sandals.


Dressing Up


                                              1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Looking for your perfect little black dress?  Try this knee length stretch cotton dress that will have you looking completely chic while still comfortable.  To keep the look very simple pair with black patent leather pumps for a night out with the girls. 

For a slightly different look go with a soft, muted floral pattern in a soft cotton blend.  To keep it fancy pair with nude pumps.  To top both looks off put on an oversized cocktail ring with a little pop of color and your ready to go wherever the night takes you!  

Skirting Around


                                    1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

If you want to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat trying wearing a skirt!  A knit maxi skirt is perfect for a relaxed look and especially when matched with a black and white striped tee.  This tee has a twist because there is a zipper that goes up the back of the shirt.  Pair with woven black sandals to keep the feel casual while still being stylish.

Another option is to wear a knee length denim skirt with a brown belt to accentuate your waist.  For a nice contrast put on an orange striped shirt with quarter length sleeves and let the color speak for itself.  Add nude flats for a neutral look that doesn’t distract from the color of the shirt.  For both outfits polish it with a pair of dangly black-jeweled earrings to add some interest.

Simple Bottoms


                                         1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Sometimes you just need a break from skinny jeans.  The solution?  A great fitting pair of trousers can be even more flattering than skinny jeans; elongating your legs and making them look slim.  Match with a simple loose fitting blouse in a clean white, or a bright coral with a print depending on the color of the trouser.  Since there are no accessories with the outfit try putting on a flashy diamond cluster ring.  Lastly, to stay cool in the summer heat throw on a pair of simple ankle strap sandals.







Fashion is constantly changing and that includes business attire.  Now there are many rules for what to wear to work and honestly it depends on how formal your workplace is.  Here we have a slightly relaxed business look.  We have dropped the usual business jacket and opted for a fitted black pencil skirt, with a simple white skirt.  In order to accessorize you don’t want to have anything too eccentric.  Try pairing with a neutral set of gray earrings that add a polished look without drawing too much attention.  To top it off pair with a low pair of black wedge heels, with little black bows to maintain your individual style while at work.  This outfit is ready for the workplace while still preserving a stylish edge.

Back to Basics


1. If you don’t have a chambray yet this season you need to get one.  It is a staple item that goes with almost any outfit

2. A silky shirt with a fresh bold print and a drop back hem to make a statement, while in comfort

3. Since the outfit is simple, turn up the wow factor with crystal drop earrings

4. A soft shade of mint blue versatile enough to mix with any color in your wardrobe

5. A spin on basic shorts—salmon pink with a scalloped edge

6.  To keep the outfit from looking to harsh, pair with a strappy pair of white sandals

Before and After


Tank: Gap  Cardigan: Urban Outfitters  Skirt: Target  Sandals: Urban Outfitters  Bracelet: Paparazzi


Trying to come up with fresh outfit for spring?  Try pairing a stretch denim skirt with your favorite tank—the one featured here is a white silk with a square pattern down the center.  In order to keep this outfit from falling flat, add a cardigan in a bright color to contrast with the denim.  The yellow here really compliments the entire look.  The sandals keep the look very light with the small gold clasp and little cut out designs, perfect for summer.

The before picture shows the outfit with no jewelry, which feels a little bland.  The after picture shows how to pull the look together by adding a jeweled leather bracelet that adds just the right amount of edge.  With that small touch it changes the entire look and makes the outfit go from drab to fab.

Springing into Denim


1.  No outfit is complete without an added accessory like these rounded black jeweled earrings that give some energy to the entire look

2.  This peplum shirt is perfect to pair with jeans or a skirt and has the perfect pop of color as well as quarter length sleeves for added sophistication

3.  A coral shirt perfect to pair with almost any outfit, with an added bonus open sleeve design

4.  Another peplum shirt, in a vibrant color with cap sleeves for a more casual look

5. A soft, airy floral pattern

6.  A brown belt finishes off each look

7.  8.  Both of these denim bottoms are perfect for spring if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to experiment with floral design

9.  These flats are both feminine and functional with a bit of pink and sparkle for everyday living

Out with the Girls


Shirt: H&M     Jeans: Forever21     Sandals: H&M     Necklace: Paparazzi


When going out to lunch with your best girls you want to look your best without being too fussy.  This outfit has a mix of effortlessness, but still a put together look that people will envy.  A peachy silk blouse is paired with dark denim jeans and brown leather sandals to stay cool in the heat.  Since the shirt is very simple on its own, a large chucky floral necklace is added for some texture and interest.  The outfit has a great balance between comfort and style—perfect for hanging out with the girls.

Mixing Things Up

All three of these shirts are knit and comfortable material, fit for everyday wear.  Depending on if you want to go for a simpler look you can choose the white shirt.  If you are feeling a little more daring you can go for the turquoise or light pink shirt to make the navy polka dot skirt stand out more.  In order to make the skirt loo a little more fitted pair it with a brown belt to draw attention to a narrow waistline, with an added gold embellishment.  To maintain the natural and easy going feel match with brown ankle straps sandals.  All three options are very similar, varying only slightly in color and style.  All three are great options to go with the outfit.  To tie it all together and make it feel complete add a pair of snowflake shaped jeweled earrings and you’re ready to feel confident wherever you need to go.