Going on a Date..


                        Shirt: H&M   Jeans: Forever 21  Silver bracelet: Paprazzi  Sandals: Target


Trying to find the perfect outfit for a date can be one of the most stressful outfits to plan.  Is it an active date? Casual? Formal? These can all shape what should be worn, so it is important to find out first what you will be doing.  For this date the activity was casual, such as going to a movie. 

A soft, knit flowing t-shirt was chosen for comfort with an added interest from the thick black stripes against the brown.  Fitted dark denim jeans were matched with the shirt to balance the looseness of it.  Lastly, several bracelets were accessorized with the outfit to make it feel more refined.  A silver cuff bracelet and leather bracelets were added to combine both the softness and polished look of each for the perfect look.  How do you put together your perfect date outfit?


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